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Who we are...

We have built our business on a foundation of gratitude and giving back. Special Needs Families, Police, Fire, Military, Teachers, VA and Emergency Room Staff and Doctors ALL get up to 25% of our commission rebated back to cover closing costs.

We come from a family of first responders and a background of trial and diversity which has developed into an unstoppable group of tenacious agents. We have a high rate of instant equity for our buyers (the appraised value more the purchase price) and record breaking highest dollar amount for numerous listings.


Real Estate with Tenacity

We do not back down, we will not give up...we will get the job done!

Tenacious Angels...

Meet Laura Harris
Laura is new to the Valley, ready to Move mountains, literally, to be the best agent she can possibly be for her client! You may ask, "What do they mean by move mountains literally?" Growing up, her family had moved from Texas to Seattle Washington at a young age. When her mother went out to explore the city of Arlington WA and stumbled upon a unique piece of property on the Stillaguamish river, little did she know she would soon be the owner of. This Was The First And Only Property Her Family Would Own In Washington State. As The Years Went By, She Grew Up Watching Her Parents Bring A Bulldozer And Knock Down All The Blackberry Bushes And Plant Grass And Stakes.

Her Dad Was A Marine Engineer, Who Designed Ships For A Living. As His Daughter, She Was Able To Watch All The Plans Unfold Of Building Her First Home From Web Design Into Reality. That Is Where Began Learning And Grew A Sense Of Design And Hard Work. Her Family Continued To Rent So She Could Graduate In A Normal School Environment As Well As Her Parents Being Closer To Work During The Weekdays Since The Cabin They Dubbed "River Ranch" Was An Hour Away From The City. As A Family, They Would Visit Our Main Home On The Weekends, Holidays And Any Extra Free Time They Had. The Morning Of March 22, 2014 At Approximately 10:37am On A Saturday, Their Lives Would Be Changed Forever. The Biggest Landslide In US History Hit The Home Destroying Everything In A 1sq Mile Path. Forty-Three Lives Were Lost That Day Including Her Parents And 49 Homes And Other Structures Destroyed. Laura Fortunately Was Not There That Weekend And That Unknowingly Saved Her Life. Inspired By Her Engineer Father, She Decided To Pursue Her Dreams A Real Estate Agent, Something They Had Always Talked About. "I Do It In The Name Of My Family And All The Lost Souls That Day.", Laura States As Her "Why". "Long Story Short, I Moved To Arizona Oct 1 2017 And Accomplished My Biggest Goal Becoming A Licensed Real Estate Professional, Under The Mentor Of Kimberly Tocco Who Continues To Teach And Inspire Me Everyday! As I Approach The New Year 2020 I Am Setting My Biggest Goals To Become The Agent I'ive Always Dreamed To Be And Help Inspire Others With The Same Passion For Real Estate. Real Estate Has Given My Life A Sense Of Fulfillment And Purpose. I Am Driven To Help Anyone Looking For A Real Estate Agent To Buy Or List A Home, I’m Blessed To Say I Have The Best Group Behind Me! The Culhane Excellence Academy Under The Cofounder Of EXp!" Laura Is A Force To Be Reckoned With And Nothing Can Stop Her!


Satisfaction that speaks

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