Memoirs of a Suicide -

Six foot one at thirteen years old. Dark blond hair and his eyes the clearest chartreuse, like spring water filled with tiny green flowers. Yet it was not those attributes that made him beautiful, it was his love of life, the way he lightened up a room with laughter…and the trail he blazed on a foundation of suicide.


About the book

On March 22, 2011

Jason Paul Legere, 13, went up stairs, took out his mom’s gun and shot himself. Shot himself at just before 8am on a random Tuesday morning, with his Mother and 3 other brothers down stairs. 

The aftermath that follows is that of being completely OVERCOME by the loss and stigma of suicide. The wake of darkness it leaves behind as a family, a mother deals with the ever present question of WHY? This is the story of how one day his mother looked in the mirror and said, “What are you doing? Stop the pity party. CHOOSE. Do you choose to wallow in your sorrows until it completely destroys you? Or do you choose your son, to LIVE and take his light and make a difference, make a stance and be the change?”

I chose him, I chose my son, I chose my family, I chose life. 

This is my story on how I was overcome by suicide, but then had the guts to OVERCOME suicide.

“It is not what you go through, it is how you come through it” ~ Kimberly Tocco 

aka ~ Tenacious T